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Happy Valentines Day 2015 SMS For Girlfriend

So, you are waiting those big Happy Valentines day 2017. Yes I know, I am also waiting for this event. , because it just brings so much of happiness son our life's. It just charms our life. We finds our best love on this day, we those who are not accepting they love, will accept on 14th Feb. I am saying this specially to boyfriends and girlfriends. So, that's why Today I am providing "Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS For Girlfriend". So, let's take a close look.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS For Girlfriend
Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS For Girlfriend 

Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS For Girlfriend 

Sweetheart!u r so beautiful my love 4u will always b true,
here’s a wish 4 my darling…may all your dreams come true

A Valentine Poem for My LoveOn Valentine’s Day, the day of affection,My thoughts naturally turn in your direction.I think of many things, big and smallThat you’ve given to me and given your all.You of all the special memories I treasure.Having you in my life is nothing but pleasure!You’re a walking example of how to live,How to share, how to teach, how to love, how to give.Please accept this Valentine poem,warm from the heart of your Love.

What do you give a lady so sweet?Who makes my existence so complete.Should She get a Long-stemmed Rose?Perhaps some very heartfelt pros?A store-bought card with another word?Anything that’s purchased seems absurd.I would give you the World if it were mine,For now, take my heart, and be My Valentine.HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

Tomorrow is Valentine DayThere is only one thing I wish to sayThere is only one day left for Valentine dayLet all the lovers of the world uniteLet there be peace and love in everyone’s sightLet the kisses flow smoothly like a streamLet everyone meet the men and women of their dreamsLet everyone get a lovers valentine cardSay it with chocolates or with two white dovesJust show all your love on Valentine Day

if you were my valentineI’d find the softest roseto gently brush againstthose sweetest lips, the angels chosemy heart is like a flowercraving for your morning kissmere words cannot pay homageto a passion such as thisHappy Valentine Day

If you were my valentineI’d search the endless skiesto find the perfect starlightthat would compliment your eyesand keep it in a wishing wellcreated just for youand filled with my desiresto make all your dreams come trueHappy Valentine Day

Oh Valentine, ValentinePlease be mineThese words, oh so sweetI cannot defineOh Valentine, ValentinePlease be mineCould these words be so trueThat I really do love you?Oh Valentine, ValentinePlease be mineThese words are so sweetThey taste better than any treatOh Valentine, ValentinePlease be mineI love you so much from the bottomOf my heartThat no one or nothingCan ever tear us apart.

Do Not SeekThe ” Because ”In Love There IsNo ” Because ”No ” Reason ”No “Explanation ”No ” Solution “Happy Valentines Day to You.

………..TO MY……………….………VALENTINE……………….I LOVE YOU SO COMPLETELY…..……OUR LOVE IS A DEEP……………..AS THE OCEAN………….….AS HIGH AS THE STARS……..………….AND……………..,,,,,,,,,AS SPECIAL,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,.,.AS THE SKY.,.,.,.,.,..

Saying GoodbyeSo SoftThe Brief Touch Of Your LipsOn My Cheek.Was I Almost Intruding?“Look After Yourself ”Should Have Been“I Love You!”Then The Jumbo Flew OverMy HeadAnd I Shouted My LoveAbove The RoarAnd Thundering Thrust. . . As If You’d Hear.Through The Clouds In My EyesI Watched You Fly AwayAnd Wished I’d Been Born With Wings.

Let the world stop turning,Let the sun stop burning,Let them tell me love’s not worth going through.If it all falls apart,I will know deep in my heart,The only dream that mattered had come true…In this life I was loved by you.Happy Valentines Day

Your beauty is the capital of business.My eyes are stock in trade.Let us enter into transaction,You secretly give me a trade discount,I openly give you a cash discountAnd thus my partner, Our trading andprofit-loss account will show super profit

Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS For Girlfriend

In the balance sheet of ourlife Our children will be ourtrue assets and liabilities!!If they are boys, they will be our sundry debtors,If they are girls, they will be our sundry creditors,But if we have a boy and a girl,Our balance sheet will tally automatically
But now the day of love has come,And I must cross its line,And so I ask you through this poemTo be my Valentine.

I fear I won’t know what to say And strike you as a fool,Or you’ll be glad to get away,Polite not to be cruel.Easier to dream than act,To hope than to find out,So fearful of the force of fact I wait in fear-filled doubt.

On Valentine’s Day we think of those Who make our lives worthwhile,Those gracious, friendly people who We think of with a smile.I am fortunate to know you, That’s why I want to say, To a rare and special person: Happy Valentine’s Day.

Hope your Valentine’s Day is great.I hope it’s quite a treat.I hope you have a happy dayFilled with things so sweet.This poem’s for you because I care.I can’t get more specific.Well, yes I can, and here I go…I think you’re terrific!

If there were no words No way to speak I would still here you If there were no tears No it to feel inside I would still feel for you And even if the sun refuse to shine Even if all ends ran out Love I would still have you here Until the end of time All I need is you as my VALENTINE.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS For Girlfriend

Plz be mine so I
h@ve @ life divine;
This sh@ll re@lly s@ve
me @lot of bill on wine!
"Happy Valentines Day"

You're Unique
You're c@ring @nd
You're the Best
and I'm the luckiest
to h@ve you in my life!
"Happy Valentines Day"

Excuse Me...
Do u H@ve @ B@nd @id
Becoz I Scr@pped My Knee
When I Fell in luv with u...
"Happy Valentines Day"

The Minute I He@rd My First Love Story,
I St@rted Looking 4 U, Not Knowing
How Blind Th@t Was. Lovers Don’t
Fin@lly Meet Somewhere.
They’re In E@ch Other @ll @long.
"Happy Valentines Day"

On Valentine’s Day, the day of affection,
My thoughts naturally turn in your direction
.I think of many things, big and small
That you’ve given to me and given your all.

You see me always in the kindest light;
You’re a glow in my life, golden and bright.

I’m thankful for the happy ties that bind
Me to you in our family, and I’d like to remind

You of all the special memories I treasure.
Having you in my life is nothing but pleasure!
You’re a walking example of how to live,
How to share, how to teach, how to love, how to give.

Final Words

So, these are some Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS For Girlfriend . I hope you like these SMS. but if you need more SMS like these, then you can contact us without any second thought. we will surely provide you what you want.

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